2019 Whitbread League Fixtures & Results

Please note: Fixtures are subject to change.


Date Match Result
Sun 10th March Pedham Place Vs West Malling 1-4
Sun 24th March Pedham Place Vs Lullingstone Park 4-1
Sun 31st March Pedham Place Vs Weald of Kent 4-1


Date Match Result
Sun 7th April Birchwood Park Vs Cobtree Manor 3-2
Sun 7th April Weald of Kent Vs West Malling 2½-2½
Sun 14th April Pedham Place Vs Cobtree Manor 3½-1½
Sun 14th April Upchurch River Valley Vs Weald of Kent 2-3
Sat 20th April Weald of Kent Vs Lullingstone Park 4½-½
Mon 22nd April Lullingstone Park Vs Birchwood Park 2-3


Date Match Result
Sun 5th May West Malling Vs Cobtree Manor 3-2
Sat 18th May Lullingstone Park Vs Cobtree Manor 5-0
Sun 19th May Upchurch River Valley Vs Cobtree Manor 4-1
Sat 25th May West Malling Vs Pedham Place 4-1


Date Match Result
Sun 2nd June Cobtree Manor Vs West Malling 2-3
Sun 16th June Birchwood Park Vs Weald of Kent 3½-1½
Sun 16th June Pedham Place Vs Upchurch River Valley 2½-2½
Sat 22nd June Birchwood Park Vs Lullingstone Park 3½-1½
Sat 29th June Lullingstone Park Vs Weald of Kent 3-2
Sat 29th June Upchurch River Valley Vs Birchwood Park 4-1
Sun 30th June Cobtree Manor Vs Pedham Place 5-0


Date Match Result
Sun 7th July Cobtree Manor Vs Weald of Kent 3½-1½
Sat 13th July Weald of Kent Vs Upchurch River Valley 2-3
Sat 20th July Birchwood Park Vs West Malling 3-2
Sun 21st July Upchurch River Valley Vs Pedham Place 5-0
Sun 28th July Upchurch River Valley Vs Lullingstone Park 4-1


Date Match Result
Sun 4th August Cobtree Manor Vs Birchwood Park 3-2
Sat 10th August Lullingstone Park Vs Pedham Place 5-0
Sat 10th August Upchurch River Valley Vs West Malling 4-1
Sat 10th August Weald of Kent Vs Birchwood Park 2½-2½
Sun 18th August Birchwood Park Vs Upchurch River Valley 4-1
Sat 24th August West Malling Vs Birchwood Park
Mon 26th August Cobtree Manor Vs Lullingstone Park
Sat 31st August West Malling Vs Lullingstone Park


Date Match Result
Sun 1st September Cobtree Manor Vs Upchurch River Valley
Sat 7th September Lullingstone Park Vs West Malling
Sat 7th September Pedham Place Vs Birchwood Park
Sat 14th September Weald of Kent Vs Pedham Place
Sun 15th September Birchwood Park Vs Pedham Place
Sun 22nd September Lullingstone Park Vs Upchurch River Valley
Sun 22nd September West Malling Vs Weald of Kent
Sat 28th September Weald of Kent Vs Cobtree Manor
Sat 28th September West Malling Vs Upchurch River Valley