2011 Whitbread League Fixtures & Results

Please note: Fixtures are subject to change.


Date Match Result
Sat 26th March Weald of Kent Vs Poult Wood 4-1


Date Match Result
Sun 3rd April Birchwood Park Vs Cobtree Manor 3-2
Sat 9th April Birchwood Park Vs Weald of Kent 4-1
Sun 10th April Pedham Place Vs Upchurch River Valley 3-2
Sat 30th April Upchurch River Valley Vs Birchwood Park 3½-1½


Date Match Result
Sun 8th May Poult Wood Vs Cobtree Manor 1-4
Sat 14th May Weald of Kent Vs Birchwood Park 2½-2½
Sun 22nd May Birchwood Park Vs Poult Wood 5-0
Sun 22nd May Cobtree Manor Vs Pedham Place 3½-1½
Sat 28th May Upchurch River Valley Vs Cobtree Manor 3-2
Sat 28th May Weald of Kent Vs Pedham Place 3½-1½


Date Match Result
Sun 5th June Cobtree Manor Vs Birchwood Park 3½-1½
Sat 18th June Poult Wood Vs Pedham Place 1-4
Sat 18th June Upchurch River Valley Vs Weald of Kent 2-3


Date Match Result
Sun 3rd July Cobtree Manor Vs Weald of Kent 2½-2½
Sun 10th July Birchwood Park Vs Upchurch River Valley 4-1
Sat 16th July Upchurch River Valley Vs Poult Wood 4½-½
Sat 23rd July Poult Wood Vs Birchwood Park 2-3
Sat 30th July Cobtree Manor Vs Upchurch River Valley 3½-1½


Date Match Result
Sat 6th August Weald of Kent Vs Cobtree Manor 5-0
Sun 14th August Birchwood Park Vs Pedham Place 3½-1½
Sun 21st August Pedham Place Vs Weald of Kent 2-3
Sun 28th August Poult Wood Vs Weald of Kent 0-5
Sun 28th August Upchurch River Valley Vs Pedham Place 4-1


Date Match Result
Sat 3rd September Weald of Kent Vs Upchurch River Valley 5-0
Sun 4th September Cobtree Manor Vs Poult Wood 4-1
Sun 11th September Pedham Place Vs Birchwood Park 2-3
Sun 25th September Pedham Place Vs Poult Wood 5-0


Date Match Result
Sun 2nd October Pedham Place Vs Cobtree Manor 2-3
Sat 8th October Poult Wood Vs Upchurch River Valley 2-3