Whitbread League Rules 2015

Clubs Involved

  • Birchwood Park GC
  • Cobtree Manor GC
  • Lullingstone Park GC
  • Pedham Palce GC
  • Southern Valley GC
  • Upchurch River Valley GC
  • Weald Of Kent GC


All teams play each other home & away in 10 man teams

All games are Fourball Betterball (5 pairs per match)


All rules below were agreed by the members of the Whitbread league committee in November 2011.


  1. Teams must be picked by the team captains prior to the match and put on the match card showing pairing and order of play. The two captains will then exchange this information and calculate shot allowances per match. No team has the right to obtain the opposing teams team sheet first and arrange their team against it.
  2. It is the team captains responsibility to ensure team members know the rules of fourball betterball.
  3. Teams must be made up of Club members whose handicaps are current and based at that club (No away handicaps)
  4. A maximum of two juniors are allowed in any team.
  5. Handicaps

  6. It is the team captains responsibility that players handicaps are correct. If a players handicap is found to be incorrect the following shall apply:
    1. If the players actual handicap is higher than the handicap given it cannot be changed once a match has started, shot allocations will remain as given, this is the team captains error and will stand.
    2. If the players handicap is lower than the one given then the pairings match will be declared as lost and the opposing team will gain the point.
  7. Handicap maximum is 18. Players with higher handicaps may play but the players handicap with be cut to 18 prior to shot allocation.
  8. Any new player to a club must have a genuine handicap at that club. If the player has an existing handicap from a previous club this must be disclosed prior to the match if it is different from the one given (if this is not disclosed then the point will be lost).
  9. Matches

  10. All match results must be sent to Tony Lyons within 10 days of the match being played, if this is not done then points gained may be lost.
  11. In the event of extreme weather (Flooding or thunder storms) that cause play to be suspended, if the match cannot resume after 30 minutes then the result will be declared a draw (2½-2½).
  12. Any fixture changes must be agreed by both captain’s and Tony Lyons must be informed.
  13. If a match cannot be played and no date to replace it can be found, neither team will score any points for that fixture.
  14. No caddies are allowed and no non playing persons are allowed to stay with a match.
  15. Non playing captains may communicate with matches but cannot give advice on how to play. Non playing captains may only walk with a group for one hole.
  16. No buggies may be used unless agreed by both captains prior to the match.
  17. All disputes must be dealt with by the match captains in an isolated area away from other team members. If disputes cannot be sorted Tony Lyons must then be informed.
  18. Any unacceptable behaviour by a team or individuals will not be tolerated. Players must be aware they are representing both the Whitbread League & their respective golf club. If unacceptable behaviour occurs then it must be reported to Tony Lyons to investigate and discus with Whitbread League captains for action.
  19. Others

  20. The entrance fee for the league is £60 per year, this must be paid to Pedham Place GC before June 2012. The allocation of of prizes will be as follows:
    1. League Winners: £200.
    2. End of season Day Prizes (Hever GC): £100.
    3. Website Hosting: £70.
  21. Winning teams will be responsible for engraving the year end trophies and costs.
  22. League scoring is as follows:
    1. All points scored in a match count (max 5 points available per game)
    2. The team with the most league points wins the league.
    3. If points scored between clubs are the same then the match scores between the clubs tied will be used.
    4. If these are the same then the lowest team in the leagues match scores will be removed and points recalculated, this will carry on until a winner is sorted.
    5. If teams cannot be separated then 1 paring will be made from these teams at the end of season match and matchplay will decide the winners.
  23. These rules do not apply to the end of season match at Hever GC, a rules of the day will be posted to captains prior to the event for this. All clubs have agreed to provide 14 players to take part in the season end event.

Any enquires email Tony Lyons at lyons-a@sky.com